If you are a current volunteer, please report your hours to Barb Eastman via email or call 801-671-8932.


We are seeking individuals who are interested in following local environmental issues that impact birds, wildlife and habitat.  Interested individuals will assist the Conservation Chair in monitoring meetings, hearings, rulings and other developments regarding issues identified by the Conservation Committee.  If you are interested in assisting with this important work, contact Heather Dove 

Field trip leaders

We are seeking individuals who are good birders and who are willing to share their knowledge with others to lead our field trips.  If interested, please contact Ian Batterman.


We are always interested in recruiting volunteers to help with education events for kids and families.  Please contact Amanda Kay.


If you would like to help man the reception table and greet attendees at our monthly Birds 'n Bites meetings (Sept-Nov, Jan-May), please contact Linda Johnson.

Dark Skies

We are interested to start a Dark Skies component that would promote minimizing light at night, and use of appropriate downward facing light fixtures.  If you are interested to help start such a program, please contact Heather Dove.

Plants for Birds

We are starting a program that promotes planting for birds to help promote their survival.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Heather Dove