Bird Identification for Kids

There are certain characteristics that are present in every bird. For example, all birds have feathers and lay eggs. Other characteristics can vary widely such as size, shape, habitat, and songs. Below you will find more information on what makes a bird a bird, and tips on identifying different species.  

Learning how to differentiate one bird species from another can be a tricky skill to develop. Many of them look very similar! However, there are a few techniques that can help you tell the difference between some of the trickiest birds! 

Check out these articles, tips, and activities below!


The best way to improve bird identification skills is to practice! Print out this coloring page and grab a box of crayons. Have an adult tell you what to color each body part (i.e. he or she might say, “color the rump red” and “color the nape blue”). Once the picture is colored in completely, see if your colors match the color of the actual bird.



Download this Bird Beak Buffet activity to learn more about why different birds have different shaped beaks. In this game, kids will use different tools to grab different “food”. If you are unable to find tools to use as “beaks” get creative and come up with your own! 

Print off and color the Bird Cards for more bird beak fun!