Salt Lake City Christmas Bird Count

Fields Trips
Dec 16, 2023


Difficulty Rating: Easy - Difficult

Leader: Ian Batterman — (920) 360-080.


The Salt Lake Christmas Bird Count is held the first Saturday of the CBC count period (December 14-January 5); this year the count will be held on December 16. The  Salt Lake City count circle is split into 14 teams, each with its own leader who determines when and where to meet. Team size varies from 2 to more counters, and the difficulty also varies from easy to difficult. 

If your yard is in the count circle and you do not want to  count in the field, you can count birds at your feeders. 

After the count, the potluck dinner is being held at Tracy  Aviary (589 East 1300 South) in the Indoor Bird Show  Theater (east of the Gift Shop) at 6:00 PM where we will  review the results of the count (please bring a food dish  to share, and utensils and plates if you plan to attend). 

If you want to volunteer for this count, contact Ian Batterman (, or call or text 920.360.0805) for more information. Volunteers may  participate for as long as they want, from a few hours to  the entire day. 

As a reminder, the CBC is a survey and not a typical birding field trip. The goal is to count all the bird species and individuals in an area, so it is a long and fast-paced day depending on which area you count. Volunteers can participate in multiple counts and participation is free. If you are interested in other count circles visit the Audubon Christmas Bird Count website to learn more.